Superyacht Fire Training


Crew are required under regulations and flag state requirements, to conduct regular exercises to demonstrate an ability to deal with emergencies quickly and efficiently. While the responsibility for organising and conducting this training falls to the Captain who may delegate it to another officer, the busy programmes, constant maintenance and day-to-day routines of Superyachts can sometimes mean training drills and exercises are given a lower priority.  Furthermore, those on board who are tasked with running training routines may not necessarily have years of professional experience in firefighting and running these drills.  With varying sizes and complexities of vessels, devising a training programme that promotes a consistent, rapid and effective response to a fire hazard, requires a tailored and systematic approach.

The instructors employed by Da Gama Maritime have over 50 years combined service as fire officers and instructors with many of those being in a maritime environment.  Their experience and knowledge has been brought together to develop industry leading training which is not only individually tailored for your working environment and your equipment, but designed with continuation in mind so that as your team changes, skills are transferred and maintained.

We table top the exercises, discuss the vessel procedures, get to know the team and walk through the scenarios before conducting them.  At every stage we work with the crew to hear their views, discuss their thoughts and on completion, debrief the entire team. The aim of this training is to optimise the effectiveness of every crew member in helping to maintain vessel and guest safety.

While the use of an external company to conduct these exercises on board is not mandated (and in our opinion, should remain that way), those who have utilised our service have provided nothing but 100% positive feedback.  A significant improvement in the capabilities and professionalism of the crew to respond to emergencies has been observed with Captains reporting a team who now have a far greater understanding of their duties.  Testimonials are available on request.


Course Outline

Every course is specifically designed for your vessel and therefore course syllabuses will vary but typically the areas covered include:

  • Smoke evacuation drills
  • Full response fire exercises
  • Fire fighting theory and first response
  • Fire fighting equipment familiarisation
  • Compartment search and rescue techniques
  • Breathing Apparatus team dressing procedures
  • A review of yacht fire fighting procedures and equipment holdings
  • The duties and responsibility of the Breathing Apparatus controller
  • ‘Table top’ exercises for the Command team to assess management of emergency situations at sea and in harbour

Course Benefits/Outputs

  • Improves speed of response
  • Increases crew confidence
  • Enhances skill and teamwork, especially in new builds
  • Heightens safety awareness in the protection of guests
  • Introduce the latest best practices to your emergency procedures
  • Aligns crew skills, irrespective of previous training
  • Follows on from shore side instruction

On completion of the training, a full written report is submitted to the Captain and if requested, the vessel management company to provide comment and a review of the events conducted.

It should be noted that this training is not intended to provide a formal assessment of the crew nor to provide the Captain with any criticism with respect to individuals within the bridge team unless it is believed they are endangering the vessel with a failure to understand why.

Who should take part?

All crew members.  We normally operate on a 12:1 crew to trainer ratio with at least two trainers in attendance throughout.


The length of training depends on the size of the vessel, number of crew and location but our normal programme covers 3 days.


To achieve the most benefit this should be conducted while the vessel is alongside although it can also be achieved underway if necessary.

Additional Resources

For continuation training purposes, a professionally filmed DVD of the training conducted is available on request and at cost. This DVD is an ideal resource for refresher training, new crew inductions and guest safety briefings.

Testimonials can be provided but are not displayed publicly to protect the confidentiality of our clients.  Please contact us for details.

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