Navigation Audit and Procedures Review

Da Gama Maritime has developed a Navigation Audit and Procedures Review which combines and utilises the navigation and command skills of our experienced instructors to deliver a comprehensive, multi-operations programme.

Conducted on board your vessel, our trainers review your bridge operating procedures, conduct theory and practical lessons and observe your bridge team underway, putting them through a series of exercises to promote and enhance the core navigational skills of the entire deck department. This results in an improved efficiency of operation and increases the understanding of ship handling with the aim of enhancing the safety of your vessel, crew and guests at all times.

Course Outline:

Each course is bespoke to the vessel and crew, designed in depth only after discussion with the Captain so the specific needs of the vessel and deck department can be addressed. The syllabus will vary between vessels but typically includes:

  • Rules of the Road written test
  • Management training plans
  • Passage planning and chart work
  • Bridge forum discussion
  • Practical passage execution
  • Emergency drills including steering gear breakdown and man overboard

Additionally if requested, our trainers can:

  • Undertake an audit of your navigation outfit including checks of chart updates, paper and electronic if applicable
  • Review bridge team qualifications and career intentions
  • Provide advice and guidance on Captain’s standing orders

Course Benefits/Outputs

  • Promotes and strengthens basic navigational skills
  • Increases knowledge in Rules of the Road
  • Provides a sound basis of revision prior to shore side courses or promotion exams
  • Enhances vessel and guest safety as a result of improved navigation procedures and drills

On completion of the training, a full written report is submitted to the Captain and if requested, the vessel management company to provide comment and a review of the events conducted.

It should be noted that this training is not intended to provide a formal assessment of the crew nor to provide the Captain with any criticism with respect to individuals within the bridge team unless it is believed they are endangering the vessel with a failure to understand why.

Who should take part?

The Captain, Deck Officers and Lookouts should attend with all remaining crew members to be involved during the drill exercises.


The length of training depends on the size of the vessel, number of crew and location but we advise 2-3 days.


Training is conducted on board your vessel to create the most realistic training environment and one day of the training should ideally be spent underway.

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