About Us

What we do:

- Provide navigation support to your vessel or fleet to a standard which leads the industry and to which others emulate to follow.
- Provide onboard crew training in a number of areas.
- Train our staff through a long comprehensive period to ensure they can provide the most competent and professional advice to our clients.

What we don’t do:

- Sell you stores and licences you don’t need.
- Inflate our costs to the Superyacht industry.
- Use your money for advertising, sponsorship or having a stand at expensive industry shows.

Da Gama Maritime is a company which was established by a Chartered Master Mariner with over 30 years maritime experience who spent most of that at sea navigating ships of varying and increasing sizes as well as training junior officers in the art of navigation.  Through his professional background of understanding what vessels do and don’t need at sea as well as engagement with regulatory bodies and by sitting on committees and organisations which are responsible for enhancing safety at sea, this company and its representatives go above and beyond what others may offer.

Meeting ISO9001:2015 standards which are monitored via BSI, we constantly take a look at ourselves to ensure we are meeting client demands and leading the industry with our procedures, professionalism and experience.

However navigation is only one sphere of our support. 

Training is just as important and since 2010 we have been providing onboard training in firefighting and navigation.  Utilising the specialist background of our instructors we’re able to work with the management companies or better still, the crew of a vessel to review, refine and improve procedures on board.  Hundreds of vessels from 40m to over 300m have benefited from bringing our training team on board through which evidence has shown the improvements to efficiency.

Company Quality Policy Statement

We will embrace ISO standards and subsequent company developed procedures to continually meet and improve regulatory and customer requirements.  To fulfil this, structured company objectives will be established and reviewed at planned management meetings.

Information we provide to current or potential clients will be accurate, concise and detailed to its time of production and supply.

The professionalism, integrity, training and experience of our staff are significant to the growth of the company and will help maintain our reputation as a leading authority in navigation management and safety.

We will embrace technology and particularly our OMS website and PAYS service to ensure feedback, development and updates continue for the benefit of client approval.

Communication at all levels including the analysis of risk, will ensure the QMS is reviewed and where necessary updated to meet changes relevant to the industry and ISO standards.

Company Quality Obectives

Navigation Management
- Account managers will maintain a close working relationship with each vessel with an awareness of their immediate programme and navigation / regulatory requirements.
- Suppliers are to be monitored and reported on at planned meetings for their ability to support our requirement to achieve client order required delivery dates.
- ISO procedures will be followed, reviewed and commented upon to improve time spent dealing with orders, suppliers and client satisfaction.

- Feedback from clients and staff in respect to the OMS website and PAYS will be recorded, actioned and where possible, used to improve the service.
- Risk analysis will be utilised to review threats, both internal and external, to the company methods of interaction with suppliers.

- Staff will be provided direct access to procedures, IT and other resources necessary to complete their tasking and thus ensure client satisfaction is maintained.
- Management will support staff continual professional development through relevant training courses and annual reviews.

- Continual engagement with the QMR is necessary to ensure any weaknesses or failings in procedures or development are highlighted and acted upon as soon as possible taking into account evidence captured.
- Analysis of feedback and comments by clients and staff will be conducted at review meetings with follow-up actions as necessary.