Private Islands and Marinas

Private islands offer so many features and aspects of relaxation or fun and for most of the time there's nothing to worry about or to be concerned with.  

But in so many ways, islands are just the same as ships.  You're usually remote and it may be some time before external help can arrive to assist in firefighting or emergencies.  It therefore comes down to the experience, capability and skills of the staff to provide a first response and tackle any emergency.

Within marinas, our experience has shown that staff expect shore based firefighters to be knowledgeable in the means of tackling a fire on a yacht but quite often this results in so much water being pumped into the vessel, the fire is extinguished once the vessel sinks.  Staff need to be aware of what precautions should be taken in advance and if a fire is found on board, what actions they should take to isolate the dangers and stop fire spreading.


Fires on private islands can throw up a significant number of problems, particularly when guests will believe a fire brigade are expected to come rolling over the horizon in minutes.  Staff need to be capable of not only looking after the safety of the guests and themselves, but to be able to potentially fight the fire or certainly provide an ability to rescue guests.

While private islands and luxury marinas are generally located in the warmer and more pleasant areas of the world, by their very nature, the environment in which they're located can have a detrimental effect on the fire equipment which has been purchased to provide some of that protection.  Maintenance procedures must be in place and carried out to ensure equipment is ready for use when called upon.

Da Gama Maritime fire instructors may spend a lot of time at sea training crew of Superyachts and commercial ships, but their depth of knowledge and experience in land based firefighting gives them a unique advantage to be able to work with island staff and marina management in developing procedures and drills to promote skills among the staff.  Utilising years of fire safety education, we can offer numerous services to enhance the safety of all guests through a varied training programme including but not limited to:

  • A review and safety of the island or marina fire and safety equipment including procedures and safety plans
  • Development of staff training procedures, drills and exercises
  • Education, training and de-briefing of staff in firefighting practises
  • Combined medical training to provide a complete safety service for the protection and welfare of guests and staff
  • The provision of firefighting equipment with annual surveys of portable equipment tied together with staff refresher courses

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