Commercial Shipping Fire Training


Commercial ships and cruise liners may have a complete variation in the number of crew on board, but the procedures by which to prevent fires and then tackle them in an emergency are near identical and it must be the responsibility of those on board to protect guests and their fellow crew members when an emergency occurs.

While prevention is better than cure, the level of training some crew receive today in understanding what procedures must be in place on board a ship to help limit the opportunities for fires to start is often limited.  All mariners need to have completed some basic fire training at an approved maritime centre but from what our staff have witnessed over the years, the standards applied at some centres leaves little doubt that crew passing through are not safe to work at sea.

However, conducting training at a shore establishment is different to working with fellow crew on board your vessel and putting effective procedures in place which are specific to your ship. To that end, Da Gama Maritime fire instructors work with shipping management companies to help develop these procedures and then with the vessel to instruct, train and exercise the crew and raise their standards as a team to a significantly higher level.  Working directly with world renowned shipping companies, our team can deal with vessels ranging in crew numbers from 10 to over 1000.

Not all are the same

It is because every ship on the high seas is different that we don't have a set course for our commercial and cruise ship training.  Engagement starts with our instructors working with the management company safety representative to identify their concerns and goals then building a work package around that.  Depending upon the company requirements, this package can range from table top discussions in on board firefighting through to the development of an entire training package to be carried out on their vessels, tied in with management interaction ashore in exercises while implementing new procedures for the effective control of fires on board.


Services available

The safety of mariners is a priority of our company and as such our instructors work closely with management companies and individual ships to educate those at sea or involved in the welfare of their crew, guests and ships.  The services we are able to provide include but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing maritime incidents with management companies and ships teams to identify areas of risk and concern
  • Providing guidance and professional experience in the development of firefighting procedures on board and through company operations rooms
  • Conducting fire surveys of ships to highlight weaknesses in drills, exercises, procedures or the general serviceability of firefighting equipment
  • Generating fire action cards and checklists for high risk compartments to provide an aide memoir to command teams in an emergency
  • Working with Captains and crew in the provision of on board training designed to further enhance the skills of the fire team
  • Establishing training programmes and "training the trainer" on board to ensure rotating crew are kept up-to-date with the latest techniques
  • Providing the latest firefighting equipment and an ability to conduct portable fire equipment servicing

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