Firefighting Training

Fire and smoke kill and are therefore a significant threat be it on a Superyacht, commercial ship, cruise liner, private island or in a marina.

With vessels getting bigger and more complex, the demands on the crew become greater and more diverse.  Establishing operational standards, implementing training regimes and maintaining skill levels can be a challenging task for new builds, refits or operational vessels.

On private islands you may well be hours away from having external help turn up to assist so the ability of staff to safely extract guests and where possible tackle any fires can be just as important as for crew on ships.

Within a marina, staff need to know how to tackle the dangers and either pull a burning vessel away from a jetty into open waters or to protect and assist those vessels near a burning one.

All Da Gama Maritime’s training is designed to equip you and your team with the range of specialist skills needed to operate safely and proficiently from the outset and beyond, at all times.  We provide programmes tailored to your needs to cover everything from technical advice and development of procedures, to equipment specific fire fighting exercises plus regular refresher training and auditing to ensure you remain up to date with the latest techniques.

To ensure the portable fire equipment on board remains in good condition we can provide authorised surveys on board vessels.  This now gives the ability for us to combine our annual refresher fire training with an audit of your fire equipment all conducted by specialists.

With respect to the maintenance and use of Breathing Apparatus, it has come to light during our on board training that many crew are being misled by management or Flag States in what checks should be conducted and at what period. If in doubt, it would be the manufacturers recommended instructions which should be followed for which we have created a dedicated page at this link.

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