Outfit Maintenance Course

Teaching in the means by which to maintain a navigation chart outfit is severely limited at training colleges and establishments and yet this key function plays a vital role on board any vessel.

Designed to remove any fear or intrepidation in maintaining the outfit, our course ideally suits a number of different people including, those handed the responsibility of maintaining a navigation outfit on board a vessel, Flag & Port State inspectors and management company representatives.  Whether the outfit consists of paper or electronic based charts, this one day training session can be conducted on board or at our UK office with a fully qualified instructor in outfit maintenance.

Course Outline:

Established to provide an introduction to the effective, efficient and correct way to maintain the chart outfit on board your vessel, this course is tailored to the individual assigned the outfit management. Specifics covered during the course include:

  • A review of the vessel outfit of paper charts, electronic charts and publications.
  • An introduction to the importance of maintaining the outfit.
  • Practical instruction and exercises in applying and recording corrections to charts and publications including Temporary and Preliminary Notices.
  • Instruction in the maintenance of electronic chart corrections to the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS).
  • Maintaining an official audit trail for port state and flag inspection.


Training can take place on board the vessel at a location to be agreed or in the Da Gama Maritime UK office.


A one day programme of approximately eight hours.

This can be extended to a second day should a full audit of the vessel chart outfit be required (at additional cost).


The officer delegated the maintenance of the chart outfit.

If crew rotation is in place this should be taken into account to ensure any stand-in officer is considered for the training.


Training can be conducted on the vessels live outfit but for initial training, practise charts and publications will be provided by us. The vessel should supply their own chart correcting equipment including:

  • Correcting pens (Magenta, Red and Black)
  • Dividers
  • Parallel Ruler
  • Eraser
  • 2B Pencil
  • Glue (for attaching ‘blocks’ to charts)

If training is conducted at our office, all practise charts, publications and correcting equipment will be provided.


Personnel attending the course will become familiar with the correct and most professional standards for maintaining an up-to-date chart outfit of both paper and electronic notices to ensure the vessel remains compliant with SOLAS Chapter V, Regulation 27.

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