Without doubt, training is essential.  It doesn't matter if it's training individuals or training a crew or staff as a group, the benefits which can be gained from effective training are immense.  While personnel will need to complete individual courses in both general and specialist areas for either career progression or to meet company safety standards, group training can be done on board your vessel, at your marina or within your private island. 

Training programmes don't need to be complex and there's not always a requirement to have to bring in an external company to administer or advise if the training is run effectively.  However, the training packages put together by Da Gama Maritime are run by staff who have years of experience and skill within the subject they're instructing.  These have a proven track record with enduring benefits for captains, crew, staff and guests.




Commercial Shipping


Private Islands and Marinas



Outfit maintenance

Navigation Audit and Procedures Review

The images above provide links to the core areas in which we specialise within on board training.  Whether you simply want an external review of your procedures, to improve the safety of all on board or a review to assess the most cost effective means of managing your chart outfit more efficiently, our experienced trainers will help you get the most out of your resources and enhance the professionalism and proficiency of your team.

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