Muster List, Safety Plan and GA Plan Printing


Ships and yachts are required to display their muster list and a safety plan at various points around the vessel.  While the safety plan or general arrangement (GA) will have been compiled by an authorised representative or company for the vessel, getting spare copies printed can be costly.  The advantage of having spare safety plans or GA's is to use them in fire exercises or real situations as an incident board to provide a pictorial update of what is going on around the vessel.

Through our on board training programme we have worked with vessels ranging from 24 through to 300 metres to help develop their muster lists and fire team make-up in order to provide help and guidance to get the best from those on board. As an additional service, we are now able to re-produce the safety plans, GA's and muster lists on paper up to size A0 at a more cost effective price.

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