Fire equipment surveys


Portable fire equipment requires regular maintenance.  Monthly and annual checks can normally be completed by crew or staff who are guided by the manufacturers instructions, but there comes a time when a full survey of the equipment is necessary by external authorised personnel.

Da Gama Maritime can now provide this service to your yacht, ship, island or marina.

Our professionally qualified and experienced fire instructors can conduct the necessary survey of your equipment in situ and provide a full report on the outcome of any findings.  Minor maintenance can be conducted at the time but if fire extinguishers are found to be damaged or in a poor state of repair, we can assist in your requirement to replace them.

Often found most beneficial, we recommend combining the survey of fire equipment with a crew / staff fire training session and therefore utilising the skills of our instructors to the full benefit of your crew and guests safety.

Contact us for further information and to discuss your request with one of our equipment surveyors.