The Vasco App

Paper Chart Correction Service

Chart Correction Tracings and Notice to Mariners (NtM’s) are now available to download to your tablet via the Worlds first App approved by the UK Hydrographic Office as meeting their stringent standards for chart corrections.


Delivering only the notices relevant to the charts you hold, this tailored service significantly reduces the time necessary to maintain your outfit and by being available through the App or Android Store, means you don't need to wait for a software disc to be sent to you.  The App can be downloaded straight from the internet, load it with the charts you have in your outfit and off you go.  Admiralty corrections are available weekly and can be downloaded by chart, notice, folio or week.


Using this automated system developed by our experienced mariners here at Da Gama Maritime gives you an unprecedented level of quality control of your chart outfit.  With an emphasis on simplisity and efficiency, we are able to keep your costs down through reduced time on line and as this is more of the more cost effective programmes on the market.

Further details about the app and its functionality can be viewed at the dedicated webpage available at this link.

Download the app via the logo's above and follow the instructions for a free one month trial.  Alternatively go through the link below to sign up now to this service.

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