Paper Chart Correction Service


Chart Correction Tracings and Notice to Mariners (NtM’s) are now available to download to your back of bridge PC via the UK Hydrographic Office approved software, "Navigate" as meeting their stringent standards for chart corrections.

Delivering only the notices relevant to the charts you hold, this tailored service significantly reduces the time necessary to maintain your outfit.  Your outfit is displayed in both a list and geographical image showing the chart boundary and whether it is up-to-date or not.  Admiralty corrections are available weekly to be downloaded to the software and meet Flag State requirements for the upkeep of your paper chart outfit.

Using this automated system which for which our our experienced mariners here at Da Gama Maritime have been involved directly, gives you an unprecedented level of quality control of your chart outfit.  With an emphasis on simplisity and efficiency, we are able to keep your costs down through reduced time on line and as this is more of the more cost effective programmes on the market.

For further information on this software please contact us.

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