The importance of crew training

Thursday, August 05, 2021


As part of the latest Captains Report from The Superyacht Report group, DG Maritime Managing Director, Steve Monk, has written to stress the importance of on board crew training.  Too often, guests don't appreciate the crew are there to potentially save the lives of all those on board should an emergency occur.  Subsequently while all crew will conduct the minimum standard of training within ashore establishments to achieve the appropriate certification, they need to train as a crew on board their own vessel to develop and refine the procedures which are relevant to that boat utilising the equipment they have on board.

To this end, owners and management companies need to understand the importance of allocating time and budgets for training which may necessitate the requirement of bringing in external companies and trainers to teach the latest standards and bring the crew up-to-date.

Click here to read the full article or here to learn more about the training provided by members of the Superyacht Training group.

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