Navigate - The Features


Display official AVCS charts and the full

cell data on your Back of Bridge PC

Outfit Management

By developing our own in-house Outfit Management System (OMS), integration with NaviGate now provides the navigator with a tool to manage and display most of the required navigational data for a safe and compliant passage

• Online AVCS Ordering and Updating
• Admiralty Digital Total Tide Overlay
• AENP updating
• ADMIRALTY Information Overlay
• Nav Area warnings
     • On board Chart Management
     • Online Paper Charts Updating Module
     • ISM Reports Module


Total Tide Overlay

Available when ADMIRALTY Total Tide is installed and activated on the user's PC.

This overlay gives all relevant information for passage planning including:

     • Max / Min Tide Levels for main and secondary ports
     • Rates and direction of tidal streams
     • Tide / rate forecast on the user’s PC



Route Optimisation

NaviGate can help you plan the most effective route that will let you save time underway and money.

It provides an optional route that takes the following parameters into account:
     • Safety of Navigation
     • Weather Forecast
     • Fuel Consumption (based on vessel dynamic data)




Every official NavArea Warning Message is available through NaviGate, displayed on a user friendly interface.



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