Wartila (previously known as Transas) is a world-leading developer and supplier of a wide range of software, integrated solutions and hardware technologies for the marine transportation industry, including both on board and shore-based applications
As official agents of Wartsila, Da Gama Maritime can supply your vessels with the latest electronic charts and operating software including type approved ECDIS and official charts to assist in maintaining your navigational safety.

Since 2016 Wartsila have been offering an incredible deal on their official ECDIS equipment in an effort to aide those ships and yachts who are thinking about transitioning to operating primarily on ECDIS for their navigation.  Offered at a significantly reduced price, both options provide all the necessary equipment for establishing an IMO acceptable set-up on the bridge including the 'Translink' for secure data exchange and set-up to operate the Pay-As-You-Sail service.  Further information can be found on the links below:

'Silver' offer - including ECDIS Panel PC with 24" display in dual configuration

'Platinum' offer - including maritime high performance ECDIS workstation with dedicated 24" display in dual configuration.

If you would like further detail on these offers, please follow this e-mail link.

For more information on Wartsila in general click here

If you already have a Wartsila (Transas) ECS or ECDIS onboard and are looking for the weekly updates to your charts, you'll be able to access it via these links - TX-97's or TADS.