The Superyacht Training Group


The Superyacht Training Group (STG) is a collaboration of industry leading professional companies who work with crew to provide specialist training directly on board the yacht.  While some of the training providers offer courses which can be conducted online, many rely on the presense of putting experienced instructors onto the vessel to conduct training which is tailored specific to that vessel to ensure all crew are trained or refreshed in the latest techniques relevant to the task in hand.

Every yacht which follows ISM procedures should have a training budget for their crew and this should be spent responsibly by keeping the crew at the highest level of competence to fulfill their duties.  Subsequently by bringing a trainer to the yacht, costs can be dramatically saved over sending crew ashore or even abroad to conduct this training.  Furthermore, by having the training conducted on baord it means the instructor can utilise vessel equipment and the vessel layout to ensure crew are familiar with their own surroundings and available stores.

While yacht crew and management companies can engage with STG member companies directly to discuss training, agree costs and organise dates, the added advantage of the STG is that if a number of training providers within the STG are to be tasked to training, a dedicated liaison officer can be allocated from the group.  This person works on behalf of all the trainers to co-ordinate not just the training programme and travel intentions, but to combine all training into a single invoice with all travel expenses combined to a further single invoice on completion.  This cuts down on the paperwork on board, simplifies the entire process and ensures if there are any last minute changes required by the yacht, the point of contact on board need only contact the liaison officer who will disseminate this to the relevant training providers while seeking alternative options.

Furthermore, there is no inflation of the individual training provider costs for this option and no 'finders fee' is provider to the laison officer.

The STG are more interested in promoting safety at sea than inflating costs.

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