Navico (previously known as 'C-Map' and before that, 'Jeppesen'), World Leader in Marine Information Solutions

Navico provides a wide range of services and solutions to the world’s shipping industry — from electronic navigational charts (ENCs), Hydrographic Data handling systems to fleet management and vessel and voyage optimization.

Charts and Navigation
Navico has developed innovative, streamlined solutions for delivering chart data and critical navigational information. All of our chart services can be integrated with DNV-recognized weather forecasts, piracy activity updates and Temporary and Preliminary NtMs. This helps shipping companies comply with mandated regulations and allows vessels to take the safest and most economical routes possible.

Navico distributes ENCs in a compiled (SENC) format, for very fast loading and updating of chart databases.  We also offer a range of easy-to-use licensing methods to best suit the needs of our customers.  Our latest innovation — FlatFee Licensing —has already become a preferred choice.

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