Dryad Global


Da Gama Maritime have teamed up with Dryad Global (formerly Dryad Maritime), a maritime intelligence company, to provide specialist navigation and risk mitigation services for vessels transiting or coming alongside in high risk areas.

Dryad Global draws on their extensive intelligence network and capabilities to monitor, analyse and predict the movements, assaults and trends of pirates and maritime criminality around the world. Dryad’s intelligence-led services enable mariners to make navigational planning and operational decisions that will better safeguard vessels, crew and commercial operations on and off shore.

Designed and proven to support individual yachts or entire commercial fleets in multiple high risk regions with military precision, their services include:

  • Weekly Intelligence Reports & Forecasts
  • Monthly Maritime Security Circular
  • Incident Alerts & Advisories
  • Risk Assessments:
    - Route
    - Port
    - Regions
  • Vessel Safety Monitoring

For more information visit their website at this link.